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Daylight Savings Time: How to Adjust

“Gee Willikers, Martha! Why do we have to change the clocks?” “Because it’s Daylight Savings Time, Herb. We spring forward and fall backward because it saves energy, or because it promotes shopping, or because it gave farmers more time to work, or because Ben Franklin invented it. I don’t know, Herb! Stop asking questions!” “Ham […]

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Toyota Intersects With New-Fangled Thing Called Bitcoin

Have you heard of this new thing called Bitcoin? It’s a pretty big news story these days, but as with a lot of news, it involves programming and computers, which is kind of alienating for many people. The latest development in the story today, however, is that the man who apparently started the digital currency […]

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Review of the 2014 Toyota Sienna

As our recent brush with wintry weather reminded us, snow and ice are annoying. Really, winter, really? Three times now you’re going to throw an icy monkey wrench into our southern lives? It’s fair to say that we’re unused to winter proper, though we did receive an education in the value of front-wheel or all-wheel […]

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Prius Named Top California Car for Second Year

California has always been a fascinating section of the U.S., perhaps even as a microcosm of the nation, if something so large can ever really be thought of as micro. Its coastline is longer, its problems larger, its cities denser, and in many ways it shares the challenges that North Carolina has been gradually wading […]

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2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Corolla Test-Drive Review

It was on a recent Wednesday that would soon come to be known as the beginning of Winter Storm PAX that we found ourselves headed north on Capital Boulevard, past I-440 and then I-540 on our way to Leith Toyota in Raleigh. Thankfully it was about 11 in the morning, a scant two hours or […]

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