The Astonishing 700-Mile Range of the Camry Hybrid LE

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What’s the range of your car? Multiplying the capacity of your gas tank by your highest miles per gallon estimate is a good place to start, and if you happen to own a Camry, that number might be a lot higher than you realize.

In fact, of the Camry’s nine trim lines, four have a range just shy of 600 miles, two are closer to 700 miles and the Hybrid LE top out at 731 miles. The bottommost two, the SE and XLE V6s, have 3.5-liter engines that favor performance. Still, their 527 miles ranges aren’t too bad considering that they’re intended to maximize horsepower and torque.

To put these numbers into perspective, 527 miles from Raleigh would put you north of New York City, somewhere out in the middle of Connecticut, all on a single tank of a gas. With the Hybrid LE you could make it all the way to Hamilton, Ontario in Canada without filling up.

Were you to head south, the 595 mile range of all the four-cylinder non-hybrids would be exactly enough to get you to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Hybrid LE would get you tantalizingly close to Miami, stopping short at West Palm Beach.

Heading west is a somewhat trickier affair as no major cities fall cleanly at any of the Camry mile ranges from Raleigh. Atlanta is, of course, doable in any of the models. Indianapolis, Nashville, and Alabama’s Birmingham and Montgomery are all within range of anything except the V6s. Mobile, Alabama remains the sole provenance of the Hybrid LE coming in at 734 miles. And finally, any of the hybrids would be able to cover the 683 miles to Detroit without needing to refuel.

In short, the Camry makes a lot of cities reachable with a solid day’s driving and a single tank of gas. As the winter lifts and we find the days longer and the foliage brighter, it might be worth venturing out to see more of the country. And thanks to the Camry and Snickers bars, traveling doesn’t have to be a humongous expense.

The Astonishing 700-Mile Range of the Camry Hybrid LE was last modified: January 1st, 2015 by Leith Toyota

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