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Photo: Google

What Does the Car of the Future Look Like? Google Googles It

Google released some footage this week of people in the company’s self-driving car in a cutesy video reminiscent of how a toy company would show newborns engaging with mobiles, colorful blocks and stuffed animals. The reason this video merits our attention is that Google is not an automotive company. Many companies that make cars are […]

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Silicon, left, and silicon-carbide.

The Way To Save Fuel Is To Make a Better Computer?

Toyota has announced a new way to improve fuel use by 10 percent for its hybrid vehicles. Instead of some sort of new powertrain or transmission, however, the high-tech solution has more to do with electronics than horsepower or fuel injectors. You might know that hybrids get their big fuel savings by relying on a […]

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Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Toyota and Tesla Call It Quits; Electric RAV4 Likely Dead

Well, goodbye to all that. Toyota will not renew its partnership with Tesla, an electric-vehicle maker, this year. Many people were surprised when Toyota began the partnership just four years ago. Toyota had successfully developed the gas-electric Prius on its own, so enlisting help for an all-electric vehicle was unexpected. Tesla agreed to buy a […]

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