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protecting car from dog

5 Tips to Protect Your Car From Messy Pets

The summer months are rolling in, and while many of you may still be waking up from your winter hibernation, your furriest companions are itching to get out of the house. All winter they’ve waiting for that spring air to waft in, dreaming of parks, mountain trails, and drinking from foreign water sources. You’re just as […]

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2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

2015 Toyota Camry and Land Cruiser Top Rated by Edmunds

If you’ve spent time researching cars on the Internet, you might have heard of Edmunds. They were one of the very first automotive websites to appear, way back when the Internet was struggling to its feet in the mid-90s. They saw the impact that instantaneous (if dial-up Internet could be called that) information sharing could […]

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