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The Top 3 Scenic Roads in North Carolina

We’ve all seen those stereotypical car commercials: a smiling, demi-god of a human cruises along a curvy Californian cliff-side in their sleek convertible – Meanwhile, we’re on the couch wondering why our daily commute feels more like an episode of How It’s Made. Luckily, you don’t have to go to California to experience top-quality road-scenery. […]

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Drive on a Flat Tire

How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire?

Getting a flat tire is a frustratingly ironic conundrum. You need to move your car to get your tire fixed, but you can’t because it’s broken. So what do you do: try and limp the poor thing to the nearest service station, toss on the donut (spare tire), or call a tow truck? Anything but […]

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fuel injection cleaners do they work

Fuel Injection Cleaners: Do They Work? Find Out Here

You may have seen them on the shelves of your local auto parts store: fuel injection cleaners. Products from companies like Techron, sTp, Lucas, and Seafoam all claim to clean out the fuel system, reduce the carbon deposits, and improve your vehicle’s mpg and horsepower. These are bold claims for a product that usually costs […]

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