Electric Cars Aren’t Always Better for the Environment

Electric cars are exciting. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a change this substantial in the automotive industry, and watching it unfold is pretty spectacular. We need to be realistic, though. Electric cars are not the answer to our environmental problems – bear with us here. Where does our electricity come from? It […]


The Crazy Weather Continues – Is it Finally Winter?

This morning (February 11th, 2016), you may have stepped outside to meet one of the coldest days we’ve had all winter. The low is currently 26° in Raleigh, and any warming up is guaranteed to be short-lived. If you need us, we’ll be by the space-heater all weekend. Friday One word: Snow. Don’t run out […]

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The Top 3 Scenic Roads in North Carolina

We’ve all seen those stereotypical car commercials: a smiling, demi-god of a human cruises along a curvy Californian cliff-side in their sleek convertible – Meanwhile, we’re on the couch wondering why our daily commute feels more like an episode of How It’s Made. Luckily, you don’t have to go to California to experience top-quality road-scenery. […]

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Love to Hike? Check out These 5 Parks Near Raleigh

Are you growing tired of the Raleigh skyline? Maybe this is the perfect time to throw on a warm winter coat and escape for a weekend adventure in one of North Carolina’s beautiful parks. Not sure where to go? Here are five parks within a two hour drive of Raleigh, North Carolina. 1. Lake Johnson Park […]


Three Incredibly Easy DIY Dent Removal Techniques

We don’t even need to ask. If your car is more than a few years old, we know it’s got some door-dings. Years of grocery store parking lots and neighborhood games of catch have not been easy on the once pristine exterior of your car. Just to be clear, the best way to remove a […]

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